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PT. Jagaaman Sarana - Mining Division

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PT. Jagaaman Sarana - Mining Division
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Name:Mr. Fransiscus Widiyatmoko [Purchasing]
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Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Fransiscus Widiyatmoko at Jakarta Utara
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Fransiscus Widiyatmoko at Jakarta Utara
Address:Wisma Mitra Sunter Lantai 11-01, Jalan Yos Sudarso Kav. 89, Boulevard Mitra Sunter Blok C2
Jakarta Utara 14350, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Jun. 19, 2012
Last Updated:Jun. 19, 2012
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Mineral, Metals & Materials category

Company Brief

PT. Jagaaman Sarana formerly known as one of the companies that provide car rental services and heavy equipment for business purposes in the mining and forestry. Our head office is located in Pontianak, West Kalimantan - Indonesia.

Since 2011, we decided to start a new business that is engaged in mining. We have opened 2 ( two) representative office, which is in Jakarta ( as our representative office for relations with the buyers and suppliers of material and equipment needs of working at the mine site) and the other is in Kendari ( as the office oversight of mining operations) .

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